... Connecting the dots ... Your trusted technology partner
... Connecting the dots ... Your trusted technology partner

Our Technology Solutions

As a "niche-player" IT consulting firm, Socius Solutions offers the following solutions:

Cybersecurity Solutions

Socius Solutions follows NIST's cybersecurity framework of Identify-Protect-Detect-Respond-Recover.  Our focus is on "Protect" and "Detect".  We strongly believe in "Prevention is better than care" adage.


Our mission is to develop capabilities via the help of technology and automation, which when applied in combination with People, and Processes, can effectively solve any problem.  In our Cybersecurity "Lab" we develop solutions to automate ways to protect IT assets, and detect intrusions based on "pattern" recognition, etc.


Our expertise is has two sub-categories:

  • Technology-based
    • Single sign-on using Oracle's OAM & OIM
    • Encryption of data at rest via advanced technologies such as Oracle's TDE
    • Data Masking / Sanitization using Oracle's ODM available in Oracle 12c database
    • Automating DoD STIGs, a more efficient and accurate way to ensure safeguard IT infrastructure, which also lends itself to repeatability (saving days / weeks of manual effort)
    • Audit reports on user login information, inactive user ids, password resets, etc.
  • Compliance-based
    • Perform DoD STIGs
    • Ensure compliance with NIST 800.x, DoD 8500.x
    • Support IA requirements from a technical standpoint
    • Support Audit / Access control (FISCAM) requirements from a technical standpoint

Business Analytics

Socius Solutions has expertise with installing, configuring and maintaining infrastructure needed for: 

  • Business Intelligence / analytics using products such as Oracle's OBIEE.
  • Datawarehouse and reporting

Emerging Technologies

Socius Solutions is investing in new / emerging technological areas such as: 

  • Cloud computing, with primary focus on IaaS and PaaS
  • Big Data

Our goal in these areas is to support our customers' needs related to above including assessments, planning, executing, migrating, etc.

Our Vision & Mission

Become a premier technology service and solutions provider to US Federal Government agencies.

Our Core Values

     Integrity         Respect

   Excellence      Innovation


Our Business Philosophy

We care about our customers

By solving their key problems through innovative and cost-effective technological solutions.


We care about our employees

By offering them interesting and challenging projects, and helping them grow their careers.


We care about our shareholders

By increasing value of ethically run buisness with profits, unique capabilities, and customer-base.


We care about our community

By volunteering in local school activities, and supporting local economy.

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